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Deborah Phillips, MA, LMFT

Marriage & Family Therapist - LMFT52563


Is it time to deepen your connection with your partner? The Hold Me Tight® Workshop offers you a map to cultivate and strengthen lasting love in your most important relationship.

Based on the bestselling book

Hold Me Tight: Seven Conversations for a Lifetime of Love

By: Dr. Sue Johnson

Now you can learn about the science of love and explore ways of strengthening your sense of connection and intimacy with your partner through this educational and experiential program.

Why Should Couples Attend?

  • You will focus on understanding, repairing, and strengthening your most important relationship.
  • You will understand how the “science of love” works -- yes, there is an actual “science” to love, and it is called attachment theory. Understanding how we bond with and stay securely attached to our most important loved ones helps you understand how to love with more fullness, aliveness, presence, and deeper connection.
  • You will do meaningful exercises together as a couple, in private, after watching video clips of real couples like yourselves doing the same exercises.
  • This educational workshop consists of approximately 14 hours of focused time to heal and strengthen your relationship. 
  • You receive a copy of Dr. Johnson’s best-selling book “Hold Me Tight” and a complete notebook of all exercises as take-home materials to keep that allow you to return to any part of the workshop at any time in private and redo, rediscover, and deepen the work you did in the workshop.
  • The investment you make in your relationship will come back to you ten-fold in greater feelings of trust, safety, intimacy, and fun!

Program Overview

In this program, you will learn about the new science of love and explore the negative cycles in your own relationship. You will participate in guided discussions, and watch demonstration videos to witness other couples learning to step out of the negative cycles and create a stronger, more loving relationship. You will have key conversations in private with your partner to move you through the negative cycles that keep you stuck. With practice, you and your partner can become more accessible, emotionally responsive and engaged with one another.

Eight weeks/Seven Transforming Conversations:

Recognizing Demon Dialogues - In this first conversation, couples identify negative and destructive remarks in order to get to the root of the problem and figure out what each of you is really trying to say.

Finding the Raw Spots - Here, each partner learns to look beyond immediate, impulsive reactions to figure out what emotional raw spots (triggers) are being hit.

Revisiting a Rocky Moment - This conversation provides a platform for de-escalating conflict and repairing rifts in a relationship and building emotional safety. 

Forgiving Injuries - Injuries may be forgiven but they never disappear. Instead, they need to become integrated into couples’ conversations as demonstrations of renewal and connection. Knowing how to find and offer forgiveness empowers couples to strengthen their bond.

Hold Me Tight® - The heart of the program: this conversation moves partners into being more accessible, emotionally responsive, and deeply engaged with each other.

Bonding Through Sex and Touch - Here, couples find how emotional connection creates great sex; and good sex creates deeper emotional connection.

Keeping Your Love Alive - This last conversation is built on the understanding that love is a continual process of losing and finding emotional connection; it asks couples to be deliberate and mindful about maintaining connection.

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